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Lasallian Formation

FEBRUARY 2020 Let us remember that we are in the holy presence of God. Words from St. John Baptist de La Salle “How long has Jesus been knocking at the […]


FEBRUARY 2020 Important Dates for the Month of February: February 8 – ACT at CBHS February 9 – Midpoint of the 3rd Quarter February 14 – Faculty Retreat (no classes) […]


MARCH 2020 February saw our Wrestling program finish off another incredible season! Congratulations to all of the wrestlers, Head Wrestling Coach Derek Harrison, and all of the assistant coaches. The […]


MARCH 2020 On Thursday evening, March 26, Mr. Ben Tracy, President & Co-Founder, of Renegade Media Strategies will speak to CBHS parents about Digital Awareness. He will address topics including […]

Student Life

March 2020 It’s hard to believe that spring break is already here, but there’s no slowing it down! Our basketball games have been a blast this year and the team […]


vs. MUS – Friday, January 31 vs. Briarcrest – Friday, February 7 The Wave Shop is open daily: Monday-Tuesday and Thursday-Friday, 7:30-8 a.m. and 3-3:30 p.m. Wednesdays 8:30-9 a.m. and […]


February 2020

This semester, I am teaching a section of English III. Our first theme assignment required the boys to write about any bad habits they acquired in 2019 that they would like to eliminate this year. One of the boys wrote candidly about his inclination to procrastinate on schoolwork (though he submitted his assignment on time), and this month, I contrast […]


January 2020

In the Gospel of Matthew, the story of the Magi is told on the Solemnity (or ceremonious observance) of the Epiphany. Essentially, the Gospel of Matthew explains how King Herod, tyrannical leader of Judea, summoned the Magi to his palace and asked them to go out and find the Christ child whose coming the prophets predicted for many years. The Magi […]


November 2019

The month of November can be humbling. For Catholics and other Christians, we recognize the Saints in Heaven on November 1, All Saints’ Day. The following day, All Souls’ Day, we remember those who have died and may not have made it to Heaven yet. I find these two days humbling because I wonder on which day will I be […]



Welcome to the 2019-2020 academic year at Christian Brothers High School. We hope your summer was peaceful and rejuvenating. We will be back in shirt and tie dress code sooner than […]


May 2019

Dear CBHS Parents, We are nearing the end of an outstanding school year at Christian Brothers High School.  Our students, faculty, and staff are working diligently to conclude this school year with excellence.  Please continue to monitor your son and his work, as our underclassmen continue to work through exams which begin on May 20.  Our seniors are wrapping up […]


April 2019

  This weekend we will celebrate the 300th anniversary of St. John Baptist De La Salle’s death on Sunday, April 7.  That day in 1719 was Good Friday.  At our […]


March 2019

Let us remember, that we are in the holy presence of God. On Wednesday, we welcome the Lenten Season to our calendar with the observance of Ash Wednesday. While we are accustomed to fasting, prayer and abstinence during the Lenten season, I invite you to really let “it” go over the next 40 days.  We all have “its” in our […]


February 2019

On February 14 most of us celebrate Valentine’s Day with gifts of chocolate, flowers, balloons and other expressions of love for the people in our lives.  This is a day that we have marked as the day we can show our love for one another and this is a good idea.  We all want to feel loved and we are […]


January 2019

  Happy New Year from Walnut Grove Road!  Welcome back from Christmas break.  It is our hope that the time off was restful and enjoyable with family and friends.    As your sons returned to school this week, we adjusted back to our routines and are now looking forward to a great semester.    The Christmas season is full of Lasallian […]


December 2018

We are in the first full month of the 300th anniversary and Jubilee year celebrating our Lasallian charism. More than 300 years ago Fr. John De La Salle was a well-heeled canon at the Cathedral of Rheims and chose to sacrifice his family’s wealth to begin the order of the Brothers of the Christian Schools. It was De La Salle’s […]


November 2018

On this All Saints’ Day let us pray for our own Br. James Miller, whose beatification process is underway.  I encourage you to read more about Br. James and his beatification process here. A theme around our home lately has been the topic of self-control.  The conversations and discussions regarding self-control started after Dr. Leonard Sax spoke in early October […]


October 2018

In honor of St. Francis of Assisi’s Feast day on October 4th, I share the image above of the San Damiano cross.  It was in front of a San Damiano cross in Assisi that St. Francis was inspired by God to go out and “rebuild” His church.  Let us pray this month that we can participate in the rebuilding of […]


September 2018

As we settle into this new school year (the mid-point of the 1st quarter is September 5th), we can all use some encouragement as we return to our routines with school, extra-curriculars, and family life. The boys have been great during these first four weeks of the academic year. I thank all of you who attended our Back to School […]