Merry Christmas and Happy 2018!  We await your son’s return to campus this week as we begin the Spring semester.  Our teachers are beginning the semester with a day of formative discussion on student engagement and learning, thus the additional day of Winter break.  I hope your son enjoys the day and is prepared to return on January 4.

This Christmas season is a time for introspection and many of us make some bold resolutions to carry into the new year.  The lives of the Magi must have drastically changed after they saw the Christ child and his parents in the manger.  After being sent to find Jesus, they were so stricken by what they had observed they chose not to return to Herod and deliver Jesus’ location to him.  They chose “another way” to return to their country.


I admire their courage and sense of duty to mankind not to allow the Savior of the world to be killed by Herod, who went on to slaughter thousands of innocent children.  They probably gave up riches, fame and Herod’s admiration because were they were in awe of the Holy Family.  Let us pray in this Christmas season that we can look at the Holy Family in awe and admiration in a way to reject consumerism, pride, and the promises of false gods. Let us allow Jesus to live in our Hearts so that we too can serve others in a way that builds God’s kingdom!

Happy New Year,


Chris Fay