This week at CBHS we are celebrating our annual Founder’s Week in honor of the Feast Day of St. John Baptist De La Salle. De La Salle’s feast is April 7, the day of his death in 1719…Good Friday! We celebrate this significant day in light of our Founder’s life and service to the poor. He began our ministry 299 years ago in Rheims, France, and we now have schools in 81 countries. It is only fitting that his feast day falls during the first week of Easter this calendar year. Our Lasallian spirituality is full of Easter images that give us great hope as does the Resurrection of Christ.

De La Salle’s mission in starting his schools 299 years ago was the eternal salvation of the souls of the boys entrusted to his care. He quickly realized the importance of the proper formation of his teachers in order to bring his mission to reality. Consequently, the formation of the teachers became a major priority of his enterprise and the order of the Brothers of the Christian Schools began in earnest.

Almost 300 years later the mission has evolved into an ecumenical ministry that serves almost 1,000,000 students throughout the world. At the core of this mission is leading young people closer to God. De La Salle writes in his 16th Meditation, “All of Heaven will resound with the thanksgiving which these blessed children will render to those who have taught them the road to Heaven!” This Easter season we are reminded of the promises of Heaven through the life, crucifixion, death, and resurrection of Christ.
It is our prayer this week that your son and his teachers are being formed in De La Salle’s spirituality that promises an eternal life together. Together and by association we work for the eternal salvation of everyone in our community through prayer, service, and faith in a loving and gracious God. We also pray in thanksgiving that you have shared your son with us as he is part of this great Lasallian legacy that spans three centuries!