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So many times during the school year our family gets home from school and we are tired and the first thing on our mind is…dinner. It pains my wife when I ask, as soon as I get home, “what’s for dinner?” A few minutes later, at least two or three of our children are asking the same question and all we want to do is catch our breath and relax for a minute.

In John’s Gospel, Jesus is very busy performing miracles and large crowds of people are curious and want to see His ministry in action. So, they follow him across the Sea of Galilee and just as He sits down to rest, he notices the crowd following Him. Like some men would do, He asks about dinner. He says to Philip, “where can we buy enough food for them to eat?” It appears Jesus wants to order out or call Uber Eats, but He is really testing Philip’s faith.

A couple of minutes later, a young boy with some barley and fish walks up and Jesus tells everyone to sit back, relax and enjoy these 5 barley loaves and 2 fish…there were thousands of people present as Jesus performs yet another miracle.

This Gospel passage is appropriate as we return to school for another year of teaching, learning, and formation. We, as parents and teachers, are fooled into thinking we have given our best effort and used up every ounce of our energy and focus. Jesus reminds us in this passage that faith supersedes what we think is possible.

As teachers and parents, we are called to feed our children in so many ways. Beyond Chick Fil A , we are called to give our young men sustenance that will last them a lifetime. Moreover, we are required to perform miracles and to have faith in what may seem impossible at times. On this hillside, next to the Sea of Galilee, thousands of people witnessed that faith in Christ provides more than ever imaginable.

It is my prayer for your son (s) that his faith in a loving, caring and providential God is nurtured and grown during this academic year. I thank you for sharing your son (s) with us and I look forward to a great year at CBHS. We appreciate your trust in helping us develop Men for Tomorrow and Brothers for Life.