As we settle into this new school year (the mid-point of the 1st quarter is September 5th), we can all use some encouragement as we return to our routines with school, extra-curriculars, and family life. The boys have been great during these first four weeks of the academic year.

I thank all of you who attended our Back to School Nights. The attendance rate was very good (72%) and the freshman parents scored highest at 87% attendance! So, thank you!

I shared the importance of parent engagement at both programs and I encourage you to remain engaged with us throughout the year. We are making a renewed effort to streamline communication with parents through our redesigned website and by integrating our student information system with our website. Please let us know if you are having trouble finding important information on our website, such as the daily bulletin, school calendar or Parents page.  Please email if you are experiencing any difficulty with your login or accessing information.

I would like to thank Jenny and Nick Vergos (Cole ’21) and Lori and Brian Vincent (Jacob ’20) for their energy and enthusiasm as the president and vice-president, respectively, of our Parents’ Association. Along with Tish Montesi and Janet Hill, they will work to provide programming for CBHS parents that help equip us to further the mission of CBHS in our community. Be on the lookout for more information from our Parents’ Association.

Finally, a CBHS parent shared a prayer with me and I will share it with you. I offer this prayer to you as a note of encouragement as the parents of an adolescent boy:

Help me to carry my son
Through the patchwork of hopes, dreams, hurts, worries, anger, and the joy of teenage years.
Help us to remain open and soft
To understand and not to judge my brilliant son
You understand a parents anguish and helplessness over the actions of a child
Help us to transform our anger and frustration into loving care for our child who had gone astray
Help us to mend our fences and heal broken hearts
Help me to love, without expecting in return
Help me to engage, even when I don’t fully understand him
Help me to provide, quietly and gently, to give good gifts
Help me to speak, not to sow criticism but encouragement
Help me to say sorry, to own up when I mess up
Help me to forgive, even when I feel hurt or ignored
Help me to hope, to breathe out joy and vision for the future.


St. John Baptist De La Salle, pray for us!

Live, Jesus, in our hearts, Forever!