Dear CBHS Parents,

We are nearing the end of an outstanding school year at Christian Brothers High School.  Our students, faculty, and staff are working diligently to conclude this school year with excellence.  Please continue to monitor your son and his work, as our underclassmen continue to work through exams which begin on May 20.  Our seniors are wrapping up their work over the next week with exams and graduation practice, so there is some excitement in the air!

We congratulate the class of 2019 on their graduating from CBHS on May 11.  These young men have served as great leaders this year.  We challenged them to be positive leaders and to set a tone of excellence this school year.  As we approach the end of this academic year, we recognize their leadership and their contributions to the life of our school.  We are very proud and humbled to participate in their formation over the last four years.

If your son is an underclassman, please note a change in programming.  We will host our Br. J. Stephen O’Malley Awards Ceremony on Tuesday, May 14 at 7:00 p.m. in the auditorium.  So, if your son has been on the Honor Roll (First or Second) for three quarters, he will be recognized at this ceremony.  Additionally, all departmental and special recognition awards will be given at this ceremony.  You will be notified via email and the boys who receive either a departmental or special recognition award will receive a formal invitation at school next week.  Some of the awards are still to be determined, so please stay tuned and plan to attend this ceremony as it will be meaningful for your son (s)!

I would like to thank our graduates’ parents.  We are grateful for your partnership over the last four years.  Your son (s) is now part of a legacy that spans the globe and many years of great teaching, learning, and formation.  So, thank you for entrusting your son (s) to us!

God Bless,

Chris Fay