In the Gospel of Matthew, the story of the Magi is told on the Solemnity (or ceremonious observance) of the Epiphany. Essentially, the Gospel of Matthew explains how King Herod, tyrannical leader of Judea, summoned the Magi to his palace and asked them to go out and find the Christ child whose coming the prophets predicted for many years. The Magi followed Herod’s orders and found the Christ child in Bethlehem as the prophets foretold.

The story then takes a turn. The Magi were supposed to return to Herod and tell him exactly where the Child was located so He could be slain as Herod felt threatened by His power.

The Magi approached the Holy Family’s home with gifts for the Child. Upon leaving the Holy Family, they returned home “by another way.” I find their decision to both significant and timely as we begin another semester at CBHS. It signifies their belief in who they saw. Their experience was so powerful that they listened to their dream and did not return to the evil King Herod. And, it is timely as we begin another calendar year and new semester with new opportunities, dreams, hopes, and wishes.

May we all seek to follow the Magi’s example of acting on faith—they followed a star on faith and listened to their dreams, believing then in the redemptive power of the Christ child so much that they chose “another way,” rejecting the King Herod and his evil intentions. It is my prayer that our boys experience daily opportunities that enable and challenge them to find another way to navigate our complex world. Messages of materialism, consumerism, bigotry, and despair that are prevalent in our society can be muted with the power of the Christ child. It is the Magi’s story of faith that inspires us this semester and beyond to renew our own faith and to have the courage of the Magi to choose another way.