Important Dates for the Month of January:

  • January 6 – Teacher Inservice
  • January 7 – First Day of Third Quarter
  • January 10 – ACT Registration Deadline
  • January 20 – No School (Martin Luther King Jr. Day) 

Monthly Study Tip: A Fresh Start

1. Get organized: Whether you have a three-ring binder and some dividers or folders on your computer for different classes, getting organized now will help you keep up with all necessary course content. Doing this at the beginning of the semester will keep everything in place for the whole semester rather than playing catch-up later.

2. Don’t Miss Class

This is something students hear all the time, but it’s vital. Even if you are physically in class all the time, make sure that you are there MENTALLY. If you aren’t paying attention while you are in class, it is like you aren’t even there.

3. Study effectively

Find time to study in a distraction-free environment. Also, find a way of studying that will keep you focused and that will help you remember class information. The important part is to study like you mean it and give yourself enough time to study efficiently. It’s always better to schedule too much time for studying instead of too little. This way you won’t have to cram all that information right before the exam.

4. Take (GOOD) Notes

It is so important to take quality notes while in class. If your teacher uses a slideshow, make sure to take down those notes as well as other commentary the teacher makes. Find out the best way for you to take notes. This may be with a good old pen-and-paper method, or on a laptop or tablet (just make sure not to get distracted).

5. Commit to the changes you plan to make and don’t be discouraged

It’s easy to say that you will change, but it is also very easy to go back into the same pattern of behavior that you had before. If you really want to have a fresh start this semester, make the effort! If things get difficult during the semester, don’t be discouraged. There are many opportunities at your school that are aimed to help you succeed (like tutoring sessions), so utilize them.