Important Dates for the Month of September:

  • October 3 – Freshman Retreat # 3; Mission Collection
  • October 9 – End of 1st Quarter
  • October 10 – Start of 2nd Quarter
  • October 11-15 – Fall Break
  • October 18 – Victory Dance
  • October 26 – ACT at CBHS
  • October 30 – PSAT Test; Senior Day of Service; Parent/Teacher Conferences

Monthly Study Tip: Time Management

  • There are just 24 hours in each day. What you do with that time makes all the difference. High school students average 35 hours per week of class time week. Getting your “free” time under control now will help prepare you for managing that extra 20 hours a week come freshman year of college — when you’ll need to study and want to socialize more than ever. If you don’t already, start using a daily planner. This could be a datebook you keep in your bag, an online version you maintain at home, or both. It’s easy to over-schedule or “double-book” if we aren’t careful. Manage your time wisely and you’ll get the maximum out of each day. (Auburn University)