Thank you to every parent who attended our Mental Health Awareness Seminar last month. Grace McLaren provided a meaningful look into fragile states and how to develop a mental wellness plan for every member of your family. If you missed the seminar, visit her website at Please contact your son’s counselor with any questions or concerns.

As we enter the final weeks of the first semester, don’t forget to take advantage of the academic support available to CBHS students. A list of resources can be found at Contact your academic counselor for additional information.

Also, a note to seniors… winter break is quickly approaching. If you have a deadline of January 1-5, please see your college counselor as soon as possible. And don’t throw away those college letters! We ask that each senior submit a copy of every scholarship letter he receives—even if he does not plan to attend that particular institution. Scholarship recipients will be listed in the graduation program. A student will not receive recognition for any scholarship (academic, athletic, art, music, theatre, leadership, community service, etc.) unless we have written confirmation of the award. Greater clarification of scholarships listed in the graduation program will be mailed to senior parents in January.

As always, please check the Parents and Counseling webpages for helpful information and frequently asked questions HERE.

Your CBHS Counselors