In 2014 CBHS launched a comprehensive capital campaign based on the strategic needs of this school with a goal of $25 million.  This included McEniry Hall, The Brothers Development Center and renovations to the Brothers Residence and Heffernan Hall.  Alumni, parents and friends of the school have been able to raise $18 million toward the goal thus far.   The second of three phases of construction started this summer and includes a new and expanded counseling center, new locker rooms for soccer, basketball, track & cross country and rugby as well as renovations to Stephen Hall Advancement office.  This construction is scheduled to be completed this fall.  Please view the brief video on the Give Back Home Campaign here:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DDoXBJ-we7c

The final phase of construction will include a new fieldhouse to house student activities and basketball games and will include a new grand entrance to campus and Wave Shop retail store.  An executive team of volunteers and staff are currently working with alumni, friends and foundations to secure the funding needed to execute on the final phase of construction.  We are pleased to say that our highest priority is to keep tuition affordable while providing financial assistance to those in need and that no operating dollars have been used for construction projects.  Construction on the fieldhouse and other remaining facilities will not begin until a majority of the remaining dollars are pledged and the board of trustees votes to move forward.  The school will keep you apprised of our progress throughout this next school year.

There are opportunities for parents, grandparents and family members to be involved.  If you have any questions regarding the capital campaign or future construction, please contact Ken Kimble ’92, Director of the Capital Campaign at kkimble@cbhs.org