March 2020

It’s hard to believe that spring break is already here, but there’s no slowing it down! Our basketball games have been a blast this year and the team is a lot of fun to watch and you know there is always a theme!


For the halftime event of our game against Briarcrest, they were kind enough to work on our student council so that our students could participate in a game of tug-rope. 


Our basketball team put in a gritty performance, but lost a close one that came down to the wire. But….we did win the half-time event!


CBHS students and their families hosted several students from one of our Lasallian partner schools located in Costa Rica. Our exchange students were with us for almost 3 weeks. At the end of their stay, they presented to a portion of our student body what a trip to Costa Rica might look like for some of our students in the summer. I must say, it looks like a phenomenal opportunity for our students!


Our final victory dance of the year was such a blast. This was our second dance featuring a student DJ…and it continues to be great. It provides a great opportunity for our students that share their passion in this area with other students. Many students came up to the stage to not only make request, but to collaborate on the music to contribute to the atmosphere. It really was awesome!

Our advisory events continue to be a hit with our students. While the students definitely enjoy the trivia games every month, I believe the biggest hit with our boys came through a paper airplane competition…it’s the little things in life, right?! As we close the quarter, the last remaining points in the 3rd Class will be counted. And…as we move into March Madness we will prepare a Final Four competition among our Houses that will determine the House Cup. Who wouldn’t want to compete for an opportunity to be crowned the House Cup Champion and win a day out of school having fun playing paintball and eating pizza!



We’ve had a good start to the second semester and our boys have returned after the Christmas break well rested and full of passion! The final leg of House competition is a great way to keep our students focused and engaged with the school throughout the remainder of the year. Here you can find some of the highlights since our return from the break as well as a few events that are upcoming opportunities for our CBHS students to get involved while enjoying being part of the House competition!


The theme for our first region basketball game of the season was snow-skiing! We had a great turnout for the game, but CBHS fell a bit short against Bucharest. I can’t wait to see the atmosphere in a few weeks when the Brothers host the rematch inside the Pratt House!


In the weeks leading up to the St. Benedict game, the BLC hosted a school wide House Advisory tournament to find our best ping pong representative to play St. Benedict’s best at halftime during the game.


Our next region opponent was St. Benedict where the Brothers came up with a great turnout and captured the win! The student body participated in a retro theme and had a terrific showing even for a rare Saturday game! It was an exciting halftime event that the Brothers found themselves victorious for the third year in a row. Can anyone say hat trick!


January 31st the Brothers take on MUS at CBHS in the Pratt House. This is always a great game with a terrific environment. Last year (for the first time ever!) our band and student section filled an entire side of the gym! If you are planning on attending, you will definitely want to arrive early! Theme for the game this year is again white out! And there’s a victory dance that follows!

Below are some of the final events (point opportunities!) of Clash III that will determine the final four for the House System March Madness! Please help to encourage our boys to participate!

  • January 22 – Ping Pong
  • January 31 – Victory
  • January 16 & 31 – Mission Collection I & II
  • January 28 – Trivia
  • February 11 – Basketball (Senior Night)
  • February 12 & 26 – Darts & Video Games  
  • February 13 & 27 – Mission Collections III & IV
  • February 14 – Victory Dance 
  • February 19 – Spikeball Intramural
  • February 25 – Trivia

We look forward to seeing our boys compete down the stretch to make this second semester an absolute blast with the House competition!



We hope everyone enjoyed the holidays and that are boys will come back rested and charged for a great second semester! Though things slowed down in December leading up to exams before the break, our students still know how to have a good time!

Christmas break is approaching and everyone is preparing to celebrate the holidays and spend time with family. We still have two weeks of class remaining in the quarter before exams begin on December 17th. Below is the exam schedule used as well as some highlights from the past month.



Last week the BLC hosted our 2nd annual DUNK CONTEST during advisory. The students that participated had a great time throwing down their best slams (8ft goal) while the rest of the student population watched the event being streamed into the classrooms. The scoring panel included coaches, teachers, and one special guest from our Sage Dining crew!

The basketball season is now upon us and the student turnout for the games has been tremendous! We’ve got a great team that will give our boys plenty to cheer about throughout the season. Most home games will have dress-up themes. Our Most recent theme was twinning! 

We also try to keep our students engaged with some fun halftime events. During the first home game, several students gave their best at a half-court shot contest. The Brothers got their first win of the season against ECS, but the talk of the night may have been the putting contest that took place at halftime for that game!

This year CBHS is again partnering with St. Jude’s Children Hospital in the Holiday Toy Drive. Our community has another great opportunity to make a huge impact for the children at St. Jude, so please consider participating! Students can bring in donations to Advisory!