May 2019

Summer is closing in fast and will be here before we know it! The seniors are counting down their final days until graduation on May 11th while the rest of our students look forward to summer break. There are still plenty of student activities for our students to attend as summer approaches and April was a particularly busy time with many student opportunities!

The first weekend of April brought our Junior/Senior Prom! Our boys and their guest had a great time dancing and enjoying the venue at the FedEx Event Center at Shelby Farms. This was our first time using this venue, but the boys provided nothing but positive feedback about the dance and the venue. With a huge dance floor and a beautiful patio overlooking Patriot Lake, what’s not to love?!

Dodge-ball was one of the events used in the inaugural year of the Final Four bracket for our House challenge to determine the Brothers Cup Champion. What an event it was for competitors and spectators alike!

The night before the final play of the year produced by our theater program, the performers made an exception to allow students to attend the final full dress rehearsal production as one of the participation events to be used in the Brothers Cup Final Four Tournament. Not only was it a great performance, but it was a rare opportunity to witness a play on stage. I mean, the audience actually got to sit on stage surrounding the set…how awesome is that!

Our final House Captains Meeting was held in April as we welcomed Alumni Beau McNicholas back on Campus to speak to our boys about attacking life with Zeal! Beau came highly recommended from our Alumni Network as one of the most positive people around that lives his life full of Zeal and flew in from New Mexico just to share some time with our students!


April is also the time of year for the annual CBHS Student-Faculty Basketball game. While the students fell short of defeating the teachers (After all, teacher does know best!) it was a lot of fun and provided much entertainment for the student body. Above you will see a picture of Student Council President Gerard Tavoleti and leading scorer for the teachers, Josh Metcalf, taking part in a jersey swap that has become so popular in the NBA this year.

The final weekend in April really kicks off the graduation season for our Seniors. Saturday was the CBHS annual Mother-senior son luncheon. It is such a great event to celebrate the motherly love our seniors experience every day and all the sacrifices moms have made over the years that allow them to both attend CBHS and develop into the young men they are today!

The Final Four Tournament is complete and ABBAN House has regained the coveted Brothers Cup! As a prize for our top 2 finishers in the Brothers Cup race this year, ABBAN & CLEMENT both won a half day off from school to enjoy pizza and competition at Memphis Paintball Park! While no teachers were brave enough to enter the competition, our boys had a great time celebrating their success, but also the BROTHERHOOOD that has developed as a result of the House System at CBHS!


April 2019

As May quickly approaches, we decided to try something new this year with our House-Advisory program and created championship tournament for the Brothers Cup. This is something both teachers and students have been very excited about as the top 4 scoring Houses made the final four! We are still in the championship round, so we will crown the winning House in the next few weeks! The remaining Houses have also had fun competing in the consolation bracket!


At the end of March, we hosted a spring fling that had our athletic fields getting plenty of use. One Friday evening, we hosted soccer, baseball, and lacrosse! The BLC also hosted a crawfish broil for the students to kick off the evening! Attendance at the spring fling was one of the criteria used to advance from the final four to the championship round in the chase for the Brothers Cup.


Spring sports are in full swing, PROM is upon us, and there are still House events and activities taking place. Things will start to slow down once May arrives, but in the meantime, we still have plenty of opportunities at CBHS for our boys!


March 2019

Spring Break is almost here! We are a week away and our boys are looking forward to a little down time. It also symbolizes the kick-off for our spring sports. Soccer, Lacrosse, Rugby, WaterPolo, Baseball, and Track & Field are all ready to begin their seasons! As week look forward to what is ahead in the final quarter of our school year, below are a few snapshots of what took place last month.

Last week the BLC hosted a DUNK CONTEST during advisory for the first time. The kids that participated had a great time showing off their best slams on an 8ft goal while the rest of the student population watched & scored the event being streamed into the classrooms. The ooh’s and aah’s could be heard up & down the hallways!

The CBHS theater program put on a wonderful rendition of the musical Oliver this past month. It was one of the best high school musicals I think I’ve seen and the cast received a well deserved standing ovation after each performance!

Last week the basketball team concluded another successful season. The students showed up in full force for a 3:00pm Saturday quarterfinal game and celebrated a fun-filled Mardi Gras theme! While the basketball season ended that day, the team provided the students with many great experiences and memories this year!


Our newest club Brothers in Medicine had their first meeting this month. Dr. Hollis Halford (Diagnostic Radiologist) was the guest speaker this month. He is a CBHS alum and currently works in the Methodist Hospital system here in Memphis.


The Brothers Way virtue for the month of February is Prayer. At our House Captains meeting this month, Jonathon Lyons came to speak to our boys on the importance of prayer and how he has discovered and experienced that in his own life. Jonathon is graduate of CBHS and a parent of a current CBHS student.


We hope that everyone has a wonderful spring break the week of March 11-15 and we are looking forward to the start of the fourth quarter when our boys return rested & recharged on March 18!


February 2019

We’ve been back in school for a few weeks now and it’s great having the kids back breathing life to the campus! This past week was Catholic Schools Week, an annual celebration of Catholic education in the United States. This year’s theme is “Catholic Schools: Learn. Serve. Lead. Succeed.” During our mass celebration this week, we asked our students to think of and pray for all the people who make it possible for them to receive a Lasallian, Catholic education at CBHS. It provides a great opportunity and environment for them to learn, grow, and develop as young men.

As a token of appreciation for our students and their families for attending CBHS and being part of our community, the faculty and staff donated a number of prizes for student drawings that took place this week. Each day this past week a number of students were selected to receive prizes to celebrate Catholic Schools Week such as giftcards, cash, home baked goodies, t-shirts, and a number of other great gifts. We love our students and their families and appreciate their efforts to make CBHS a great place to be a part of for all members of our community!

Before we get into student activities in the months of January and February, I want to mention an opportunity our community has to again make a big impact for St. Jude’s Children Hospital. During the CBHS/MUS football game in the fall, one of our current seniors lead the charge for a fundraiser that the CBHS and MUS communities partnered in to raise $1200 to donate to the St. Jude’s Childrens Hospital.  Well, he’s at it again! On February 15th, CBHS basketball host MUS and both schools will have a student representative their collecting donations to the cause and we hope to raise even more for the kids . In order to stretch this opportunity beyond the gym walls that night, a donation page has also been created. Please consider being part of this great cause and follow the the link to donate! When registering, be sure to select CBHS as your team!



This past month, former Mayor of Memphis Dick Hackett spoke at our house captains meeting on the virtue of Service. Students say he was one of the best yet as he spoke of servant leadership, helping those less fortunate, and human dignity for all. Our next captains meeting is scheduled for February 27th @ 8:00am in the Auditorium. Jonathon Lyons, class of 1993, will speak on prayer and what he has learned of the importance of that anchor in his own daily life. All CBHS students are welcome to attend these meetings to hear the speakers!


Congratulations to the CBHS band members who placed in the WTSBOA All-West Band competition on January 12. CBHS placed in 22 chairs! Next up for the band involves those selected to compete in the All-State Band in April!


The basketball team is having a solid season and is now entering league play. The 6th man (best student section in the land) has shown up in full force to support their brothers on the court. They will continue to be needed as the team nears the end of the regular season and attempts to secure a top region seed heading into the state tournament. Our final league home game is February 15th vs. MUS. Be sure to get there early if you want to find a seat!


Our friends from Costa Rica have recently boarded the plane to head back home. The Costa Rica Exchange program is a great experience for our students. Around this time of year, our students have the opportunity to host students from one of our Christian Brothers schools located in Costa Rica. They were here for almost 3 weeks! During this time friendships are formed that will continue in the future.

Before our exchange students left, they gave a presentation to a large portion of our students thanking them for their hospitality during their time here and also inviting them to come visit in Costa Rica and sharing what that experience might look like. Our program allows 12-15 students the opportunity to visit the school and be hosted by families of the students in Costa Rica for a 3 week experience during the summer!


We also had a House breakfast this month. During this time each Advisory was asked to provide a representative that would have the opportunity to sink a few brave members of the CBHS faculty in a dunk tank in 40 degree temperatures outside. Ironically, they were all from the math department! The event was streamed on campus so that students not participating could watch some of their favorite math teachers get dunked while enjoying donuts from Gibson’s!


CBHS sent a group of students to the annual March for Life in Washington, DC. It’s an important opportunity for our community to be a part of as the boys experience real world issues outside the 5900 Walnut Grove campus while sharing their views and voicing their opinions in a peaceful way.

march for life


Here area the remaining dates for Clash III in the Brothers Cup House race that provide students the opportunity to both get involved and earn House points during the month of February…



January 2019

The New Year is here and we are hitting the ground running now that school is back in session! Sporting events, House & Advisory Events, Club meetings, and Theater are all gearing up this time of year. This is a great time for students to get reengaged as we begin the Spring Semester. Before we dive into what is taking place this month, here are a few highlights of events from back in December before things were slowing down nearing the holiday break.

On December 5, Major Melvin Hungate spoke at our House Captains meeting on Sacrifice. We put our IT department to the test as they set up a Skype session in the auditorium to make this possible! Major Hungate is currently stationed in Virginia and has a son attending CBHS. He is also a graduate of the school, as well. Though this took place during a House captains meeting, all students are welcome to attend when we have scheduled speakers for our boys!


December 13th the CBHS Band performed a wonderful concert for the entire school. It was part of our annual Christmas program and was enjoyed by all!


December 17th was our last full day of classes before semester exams began. Santa and some of his closest friends made a guest appearance during the lunch periods at 5900 Walnut Grove to see the boys, hand out candy, and have gift card drawings!

jan 1


All right, now on to 2019! As we begin the month of January, here are a few dates for some of the student events this month:

  • Jan. 11, Basketball vs Briarcrest @ CBHS, 7:30
  • Jan. 15, Advisory Trivia (House Event)
  • Jan. 15, Wrestling vs MUS @ CBHS in the BDC, 6:00
  • Jan. 16, Ping Pong Challenge @ 8:00am (House Event)
  • Jan. 17, Mission Collection
  • Jan. 18, Basketball vs SBA @ CBHS, 7:30
  • Jan. 18, VICTORY DANCE (House Event)
  • Jan. 22, House Breakfast (House Event)
  • Jan. 25, Basketball vs MUS @ MUS, 7:30
  • Jan. 26, Wrestling Regional Duals @ CBHS in the BDC 9:30
  • Jan. 29, School Mass to celebrate Catholic Schools Week
  • Jan. 31, Mission Collection


December 2018

Christmas break is approaching and things will slow down a bit around campus as students and teachers will enjoy a much deserved pause to celebrate the holidays and spend time with family. It is definitely something to look forward to…but we aren’t quite there yet! We still have two weeks of class remaining in the quarter before exams begin on December 18th.

Our wrestling team (the reigning state champs!) had their home opener Tuesday, which was another house event with a pizza party in the BDC skybox prior to the match. The wrestling team won 63-7! The 2nd House Clash came to an end last night with our final event taking place with a pregame student celebration and pizza dinner in the auxiliary gym before our basketball team took on PJP from Nashville. The points will be tallied and a winner of the clash will be announced before Christmas break! Below is the exam schedule used starting December 18th as well as some highlights from the past month.

Dec 1


Out theater program presented a wonderful performance of Peter and Wendy, a version of the Peter Pan that shares some of the adventures that Peter and Wendy had. Our students partnered with those from a few other schools to put on a show that was enjoyed by all!

Dec 3

The BLC hosted another video game tournament and moving the location to academic side before school as highlighted this event brought more fans to the scene to cheer on their house reps during the tournament!

Dec 8

This year CBHS is partnering with St. Jude in the Christmas Store Toy Collection Drive. Our community has an opportunity to make a huge impact for the children at St. Jude, so please consider participating. Click the link below to learn more!

Toys for St. Jude Christmas Drive



November 2018

November is here and we are steadily making our way towards the holiday season. Here is a little recap of some of the student activities from last month…

Nov 5

The week of October 8th, our students partnered with those at SBA and St. Agnes to raise money for a local Memphis chapter of the Wings Cancer Foundation. The three schools were able present a check in the amount of $2,400 for the this great cause!

Nov 4

This month, our boys had a house breakfast accompanied by candy line up trivia! The students were able to mix among grade levels while they tested their knowledge of candy bars and what the inside makeup may look like. Trust me, it’s not as easy as it sounds!

Nov 1

The week of the MUS football game brought about a new addition to an old tradition. The student body gathered during advisory for the reveal of the rivalry cup, a trophy that will remain at the school of the victor of the game for the remainder of the school year. Coach McDaniel spoke of not just the rivalry between the two schools and what makes a great rivalry, but also the positive influence both schools have in the surrounding communities as well.

Nov 7

This month each advisory was represented in a mega 4 square doubles tournament! Each advisory played against peers in their grade level while the BLC representatives officiated some very close matches!

Below is a schedule of  student activities remaining in the 2nd Clash of the year.

Tuesday, November 6 Men’s Clothing Drive Mission
Wednesday, November 7 Video Game Contest Brotherhood
Friday, November 9 Home FB Playoff Game Social
November 15-18 Theater Production Social
Thursday, November 19 Mission Collection Mission
Tuesday, November 27 Trivia Advisory
Tuesday, November 27 Wrestling Match Spirit
Friday, November 30  Basketball Spirit


October 2018

6On September 5th we had a great turnout for club day! Students had the opportunity to visit approximately 25 club offerings and sign up to join those that met their interest. If a student missed club day, have him see Mr. Cannon or Mr. Morris for more information on how to get involved with a club. There’s still time!


Homecoming weekend brings about much excitement for the student body, but they had no idea it would also bring a Mega Plinko Board to the homecoming pep rally! The board was filled with prizes and challenges for the homecoming court. After seeing a few of each, the final Plinko chip landed in a slot that would award the students a day off from school!


The football games have presented opportunities for students to gather and build on the brotherhood here at CBHS. Most Fridays, the BLC has a short student gathering in the courtyard at dismissal where the band plays while students have been enjoying popsicles! There are student cookouts before the home football games and student halftime competitions that have included field goal attempts and water balloon tosses so far!

The first clash competition is almost complete and students will soon be receiving the schedule of events included in the second clash. We have several events that will take place during school, but October will present more opportunities outside of school hours. Look for intramurals to begin this month as well!


September 2018

It’s hard to believe that we are already at the halfway point of our first quarter! The school year is off to a very good start and there is a great vibe around campus. Things really picked up this past week as we had our first mission collection of the year, trivia, a golf intramural, and our first home football game. September will be a busy month as well that provides many fun opportunities for our students.



September 5th will be the first Wednesday that we have a faculty meeting start (1st period begins at 9:00am). However…september 5th is also club day! Club day begins at 8:00am in Heffernan Hall and students can come by to see the many clubs offered. With approximately 25 different clubs, students will have the opportunity to see what each one offers throughout the school year.

Sept 7th is our first victory dance of the year. It will begin immediately after the football game in Heffernan Hall and conclude at 10:30pm. We have a great DJ and the Brothers Leadership Council (BLC) has been hard at work planning to ensure that it will be a great night. It is important to note that at CBHS dances, both our students and the girls attending will be breathalyzed at the entrance. While we want our students to have a great time, we also prioritize their safety and good decision making. Having this policy helps with both. If parents are picking-up after the dance, we ask that you plan on doing so at the bell tower to help with traffic. We do not want to have our pick-up line backed up onto walnut grove!


Other BLC sponsored offerings that are in works are more intramurals (such as bowling, paintball, basketball), trivia, and selected events to attend for house points. It’s still early in the school year and the perfect time to encourage your son to get involved! With the many opportunities we have at CBHS, there is something for everyone!


August 2018

As we approach the new school year, we are very excited to welcome back our returning students and introduce a new class of freshmen students! As next week quickly draws near, here are some important dates and helpful information for the beginning of school.


  • Freshmen – Freshmen retreat is August 6th from 8:00-3:00 and students should dress in comfortable, athletic clothes and shoes. August 7th is Freshmen Orientation from 8:00-3:00 (lunch provided) and students will need to report in school dress, a sports coat, and be clean shaven.
    • We understand that high school is a brand new experience for students and their parents. To assist with a smooth transition in the first couple weeks at CBHS, we have put together a freshmen parent guide with responses to some of the most common questions we recieve from parents leading up to the beginning of school. Please take a few minutes to look it over!
  • Seniors, Juniors, Sophomores – Orientation is August 8th and Seniors are scheduled from 8:00-12:00, Juniors from 9:30-12:30, and Sophomores from 11:00-2:00. Students will need to report in school dress, a sports coat, and be clean shaven.
  • All student orientations will begin in Heffernan Hall!
  • The Senior ring ceremony will be August 8th @ 7:00pm at St. Louis Catholic Church.
  • First full day of school with all students is August 9th!
  • Check out the new “Parent” link on the school website! We created this page so that you can find all your CBHS events, updates, and general information in one place!



  • Advisory – The beginning of school also marks the beginning of the race for the Brothers Cup! Within the first couple weeks of school, student advisors will be sharing the house events and dates with students that provide opportunities for students to get involved with CBHS outside the normal 8:00-3:00 school hours. While students can earn points for their House by attending many of these events, the real purpose is to provide an experience at CBHS for our students that we believe is truly something special. These events may include opportunities to attend sporting events, theater productions, participate for intramural teams, etc. We hope that parents will join us in encouraging students to take advantage of these opportunities to take part in different experiences, have fun, and build brotherhood!



July 2018

I hope our boys our enjoying some much deserved time off from school this summer to recharge and have some fun. Though we are only half way through the summer, I want to share some important dates in August that will help plan for the new school year. I know that these dates are a little more than a month away, but July is a busy time of year for trips and vacations and tends to fly by rather quickly!

August Dates

In preparing for orientation, each returning student will need to to bring his school issued backpack to his scheduled orientation so that he may receive his laptop to be taken home and charged. Students will also have the opportunity to to sign-up for and purchase a parking pass during orientation. In order to do so, a student must have a licence and bring the following form to orientation completed prior to signing-up for a parking spot. When filling out the info card, please leave the spot # blank.

Parking Spot Info Form

I hope everyone enjoys the rest of summer and we look forward to seeing our students return to us in August!


May/June 2018

The end of the school year is always an exciting time. Seniors are preparing for the next phase in their lives while underclassmen are anxiously awaiting the summer break. With everyone rushing towards summer, there is still a lot going on at CBHS. Here’s a little recap…


This year’s race came down to the wire! In the end, Osmund hoisted the coveted Brothers Cup. This year’s prize entailed a morning of paintball at Arlington Paintball Park followed by lunch and games at the newly opened Dave and Buster’s. The kids had a blast and it’s always fun to see the students and teachers interacting in an environment outside the school setting.

June 1

June 2

Some of the final house activities of the year included Marvel trivia and a house breakfast. I don’t know if I’ve ever heard and felt as much energy in the CBHS halls as I did during the Marvel trivia! Students and teachers alike answered questions often faster than I could read them. The house breakfast saw the freshman/junior and sophomore/senior classes combine for one last mingle among different grade levels.

June 3


Just because it’s summer time doesn’t mean our athletes are taking a break! Baseball, soccer, lacrosse, and track all continued to compete at the state level after the school year ends. Baseball, lacrosse, and soccer all hosted quarter-final games for the state tournament and all three advanced to the state semifinals! The CBHS rugby team hosted and competed in the state championship game, where they eventually lost a hard-fought battle. To add a new twist to home soccer games near the end of the season, we brought the bleachers down to the track so that students could watch the game from the sidelines. Students showed up in full support, particularly for the playoff game where the Brothers defeated Brentwood Academy to advance to the semifinals. Track had another successful campaign this year and crowned several individual and team race champions!

April 2018

Though summer break seems to be quickly approaching, we still have plenty of opportunities for students to get involved over the next two months. In the schedule below, the highlighted dates are events will be counted for house points during the final clash. Student ID’s will be checked at the gate for these events and a student can help earn points for his house by simply showing up and having a good time! This is the last clash before for the total points are added up to crown this years Champion of the Brothers Cup. This year’s house champion will get to spend a day playing paintball followed by lunch and games at Dave and Busters!

March 3

  • Our Rugby team usually plays their games at another location. April 5th will be a special occasion where we have the opportunity to watch the CBHS rugby team play right here at Tom Nix Stadium! To celebrate this special occasion, we will have a student cookout before the game on the and serve Hot Dogs and Hamburgers.

march 4

  • On April 13th we have baseball and soccer playing games in the stadium. This will be a great opportunity to come support multiple teams that night. And the BLC will be hosting a Crawfish Broil for students that attend as well!

March 2


March 1

The CBHS Prom for juniors and seniors is April 7th. Tickets are on sale now and will be also be available for purchase at the mandatory parent prom meeting April 5th at 6:30pm. The venue is at Propcellar and it is shaping up to be a special night for our students!

March 2018

February was a busy and exciting time at CBHS. Our wrestling team won both the team state tournament and the individual state tournament championships. Our theater program concluded another great production with Death of a Salesman. Basketball celebrated senior night and week later avenged an earlier loss to St. Benedict in the first round of the playoffs before dropping a tough loss to top ranked Brentwood Academy. And lastly, our band held their first concert of the spring, which was outstanding. Our spring programs are gearing up as we head into March and April, which provides many more opportunities for our students to get involved and share in fellowship and community with their fellow Brothers Boys.


With only a week and half remaining in the 3rd quarter, it’s time for students to make that last big academic push before spring break. This is the time for students to focus on completing any missing assignments they may have and getting that final bump on the last test of the grading period. With everything posted in Haiku, there should not be any surprises when report cards are posted.

Related image

Spring break is a great time for students and family to get some much-needed rest. Many families use this time to travel for vacations.  Whether your family goes out of town or remains in Memphis for the break, please emphasize the importance of making good decisions with your boys. Though students are not on campus, they are still representing CBHS and can be held accountable for their off-campus actions. My hope is that our students will enjoy the break while being responsible and staying safe.  I hope that everyone comes back after the break refocused, re-energized, and ready to begin the 4th quarter with their best foot forward. Also, Prom tickets for Juniors and Seniors will go on sale the week we return from spring break!

Image result for be on time

School Tardies

My father always told me that being on time was one of the few things that any person could do that did not require much skill. When students return to CBHS after spring break, it’s important that they get back in the academic routine. This includes being on time to school and to each class throughout the day. If a student receives 12 tardies throughout a semester, he may be removed from class and have to make that course up in the summer. We would prefer that none of our students have to go this route. If you are curious about your son’s attendance, you can check it under the Attendance tab on his student bio page. This will show all of your son’s school tardies and abscences for the school year. Being at school and being on time are important and we want our students to understand that so it can be carried on with them when they leave CBHS.

January 2018

I hope that everyone has had a wonderful respite over the break.  It is time to get back to work.  Over the break it is natural to forget some of the norms that make CBHS special.  I ask that you help your son remember CBHS dress code policies so that they start off the new year on the right foot.  As a reminder, hoodies are NEVER allowed to be worn during the school day.  Along the same lines, the only outerwear to be worn is that with a CBHS logo.  Helping your son adhere to these regulations will be greatly appreciated.

Fall Band Concert

The student body was treated to wonderful concert by the CBHS Honor Band on December 7th.

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Christmas Lunch

The Brothers Leadership Council treated the student body to Christmas candy during our last official lunch.  They also gave some gifts to our wonderful kitchen staff who keep us well fed!


December 2017

Clash II Final
Clash II Final Scoreboard

Clash III will begin after the new year.  There will be individual events throughout the month of December.

There will be another House Breakfast on December 5th with Christmas themed trivia and prizes.

Additionally, the CBHS Theater will be presenting “Little Shop of Horrors” this week!  Shows are Thurs – Sat @7pm, Sun @2pm.

Little Shop of Horrors

Come out and support the CBHS Theater this week!


“Clothe the Naked” Clothing Drive

The CBHS students came together in early November to provide much needed clothing items for the less fortunate in our area.  Ms. Gerry Taulman led the effort and the students collected the following items.  The Distance Learning Center adjacent to the Library was packed!

Total  Pants: 736 out of a goal of 500
Total Jackets: 296 out of a goal of 250
Misc.  Items: 173 (shoes, belts, shirts)

Total House Points earned toward the Clash II:
Abban              99              Anthony          28
Bernardine     42              Clement         349
Flavian          180              Luperious       59
Lyne                 74             Maurelian       95
Osmund         340            Schneider      320

Rock Paper Scissors Tournament

On November 2nd, the entire school held a Rock, Paper, Scissors tournament.  Each Advisory class competed and sent their winner to the courtyard for bracket style challenge for all the marbles.

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Congratulations to the champion, Lyne House Junior Shuan Harris!  The tournament was broadcast by Mr. Norton’s broadcasting class so the entire school could watch!  See the livestream video here:

Football Fun

Students supported the CBHS Football Team’s run to State.  Students competed at lunch for a chance to win a free or reduced price playoff ticket.  The engineering challenge of a paper airplane toss was devised by Dr. Whitmer consisting of 3 distance zones and strict rules on the plane’s construction.  The further the student’s plane went, the more of a discount they received.  As you can tell, there was keen competition!  Congratulations to the Football team on an amazing season!

Vaping Update

Whether it’s smoking cigarettes or vaping, the end result is the same.  Please see the following video regarding smoking and its effects on the lungs.

November 2017

Current Clash II Scoreboard
Clash II Scoreboard

Upcoming events: 

3   Brothers Madness
6   Pick ‘ems XI due
7   Advisory Schedule Brothers Way (Love)
9   Mission Collection VI
10  BLC Cookout (playoffs)
13  Pick ‘ems XII due
14  Advisory Schedule Trivia
15  Video Game Intramural
20  Pick ‘ems XIII due
28  Advisory Schedule
29  Captains Meeting
30  Mission Collection VI



Vaping (electronic cigarettes) is a relatively new phenomenon.  Like the rest of the United States, CBHS has had to learn to deal with vaping and the legal and health ramifications it brings.  Over the last two months, I have dealt with several cases of vaping by students from all demographic and social backgrounds.  It’s not isolated.  They are all exploring this latest “new thing”.

It is time to raise your awareness to this trend, so that you can continue to be effective partners with us in combating the dangers of this trend.

Vaping has recently been addressed by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.  Bottom line is that vaping devices are classified as nicotine delivery systems and they cannot be sold to those under the age of 18.  Please see the links below for more information on this recent ruling.

The Facts on the FDA’s New Tobacco Rule
Vapes, E-Cigs, Hookah Pens, and other Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems (ENDS)
FDA’s New Regulations for E-Cigarettes, Cigars, and All Other Tobacco Products

These devices use a liquid (“juice”) that is vaporized by a high voltage device.  This vaporized liquid is then inhaled or “vaped”.  There is an opportunity for uncontrolled “mixing” of the “juice” that is used in these devices by virtually anyone.  This results in the possibility for “juice” to be laced with almost any substance.  The dangers of this practice, in which some of our students have partaken, are clear.

There are also some devices that can use substances that do or do not contain nicotine.  Because of the indistinguishable nature of the “juice” in these devices being nicotine containing or not, the FDA has classified all vaping devices as potentially nicotine containing.

Finally, because of the negative effects of nicotine and the ruling by the FDA, CBHS will treat these devices like cigarettes.  Please see the handbook policy regarding tobacco products.  Above I have posted a picture of vaping devices that were confiscated on school property.  If you see these devices (or something similar) in the possession of a minor, know that the FDA has ruled that minors should not have access to them.  Please have a discussion with your son about the dangers of nicotine addiction and its detrimental health effects.

BLC and Class Captains Leadership Series: Integrity

Mr. Matt Morley gave a talk on Integrity to our BLC and Class Captains.  He discussed personal integrity in terms of structural integrity (Golden Gate Bridge, Statue of Liberty, vs. Challenger and the I-35 bridge) being a flaw that eventually showed itself.  Mr. Morley is a former Air Force Officer, Toyota employee current FedEx employee.  He is also a CBHS past parent.  The students asked some very good questions and the presentation was outstanding.  Thank you, Mr. Morley!

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Football Toss – Homecoming – T-Shirts

Homecoming week, although short, was a rousing success, culminating in a football victory over SBA and a very enjoyable Homecoming Dance.  To offset the cost for students, the BLC gave chances to win a free Homecoming Dance ticket by throwing a football into a net.  The BLC gave out 18 free Homecoming Dance tickets through this promotion.  Also, to help offset the cost, the BLC sold Homecoming t-shirts.  Several outstanding t-shirt designs are pictured here.  Finally, the band led the way through the 100 and 300 hallways calling the Brothers’ Boys to the gym for our Homecoming Pep Rally.

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Frank Horton Cross Country Invitational

The Brothers’ Boys were out in force for the Frank Horton Cross Country Invitational.  The XC team really felt the love as the students spread out throughout the entire 5K course to cheer on their fellow Brothers’ Boys.  Special thanks to the CBHS Wrestling team for showing up in force!

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Friday Night Lights

Football continued to draw amazing crowds.  The Brothers’ Boys were out in force for all home games during the month of October and the one away game at MUS where the Brothers rolled over the Owls.

Dodgeball Intramural – Rock Paper Scissors Tournament

On October 19, a Dodgeball tournament was held at CBHS in the BDC gym.  The students were treated by the BLC to FREE Little Caesar’s Pizza and drinks.  This week, we are in the midst of a Rock Paper Scissors Tournament.  House points for the champion will be awarded Thursday, November 2.

Super Smash Brothers Intramural

From September 20-22, we had an extremely successful Super Smash Brothers gaming tournament.  SSB has a huge worldwide following and our students are no exception.